Mini solar systems can be easily mounted on the balcony. They feed the collected electricity into the house network via the socket.

In the past few weeks, solar energy has at times covered half of Germany’s electricity consumption at midday when the sun’s rays are high. Around 2.7 million solar systems have now been installed in Germany. The bluish, shiny silicon modules are located as open space systems in fields, on hall roofs and on single-family houses. But if you walk carefully through the cities, you will also see more and more mini power plants hanging from balconies or standing on carports and garages.

The so-called balcony power plants are experiencing an unprecedented boom, as can be seen from the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency. At the end of June, around 230,000 ready-to-plug-in generation systems – as they are officially called – were listed in the register. 137,000 of these were put into operation only this year. So the market has more than doubled in six months.

According to industry expert Christian Ofenheusle, this is just the tip of the “solar mountain”. Many users have not registered their systems with the Federal Network Agency – which is actually mandatory. “According to our estimates, around 800,000 devices are currently connected to the network,” says Ofenheusle when asked by Gründerszene.

Top specialist dealers have already sold 500,000 mini solar systems


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