Do you find that collaboration within a team and with photographers usually takes an incredibly long time? Is the process cumbersome and takes up tons of time? Then you should take a closer look at picdrop! We will introduce you to the tool in detail and tell you how it will incredibly improve your workflow.

picdrop ​​is a digital asset management system that makes image management within a team easier. Whether you are a photographer or a designer, the tool easily optimizes collaboration and improves workflow. It was particularly important to the team that the system was easy to use despite all the functions. In this article, we'll take a closer look at how you can benefit from picdrop ​​in your everyday working life.

Create and share a gallery

picdrop ​​allows you to present images clearly. If you need to select a number of assets for a project, this is very easy with the system. Share the photos with your customers via the gallery link so that they can take a look and decide. So that you can put everything together at your leisure, initially only you have access to the gallery, so you only share it with your customers when you are ready.


Presentation of images

Of course, it also allows you to present your images not only clearly, but also attractively. You can easily adapt the galleries to your personal wishes.

Tagging and liking: teamwork

Thanks to picdrop, your customers can easily click on which images they want and which ones are out of the question. Color coding makes it quick and easy to show and see whether an image is excluded, accepted or perhaps considered.

As effortless as collaborating with your customers via picdrop ​​is, it also works in larger teams. Simply let your team vote on a picture with likes. Even editing comments can be easily incorporated into individual images.



For individual requirements and an optimized workflow

The easy handling and uncomplicated exchange with customers and within the team improves the workflow and saves time. But of course every order is different. The picdrop ​​team is of course aware of this fact, which is why you have full control over which functions can be used in each gallery and which you can or would like to do without this time.

So that you can look something up at any time, you can use the tool to automatically create a long-term archive in which you can find all the images and videos and, if you wish, send them again without having to upload them again.

Why you should test picdrop

The tool was developed by the photographer Andreas Chudowski and the designer Tobias Friese as a tool that is intended to revolutionize image management. So that you can get a detailed impression of picdrop ​​for Business and test it first, you can use the GDPR-compliant digital asset management system for the first month completely free of charge and without any restrictions in terms of functionality.

Can picdrop ​​convince you – as it has already done with over 150,000 users?

Find out more about picdrop ​​here


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