Twitter has announced a test phase for the edit button within Twitter Blue. With the function, tweets can be edited later. Internal employees can also test the tool.

If you see an edited tweet, it’s because we’re testing the edit button. It happens and you can do it.

With this Tweet Twitter announced the testing phase of the new editing function. In an associated Blogpost The microblogging service also explains how the new feature works and which users should have access first.


This is how the edit button works on Twitter

The “Edit Tweet” feature allows users to make changes to their tweets after they are published. For example, they can correct typos or add missing tags within 30 minutes.

Edited tweets are then displayed with an icon, a timestamp, and a label. By clicking, users can view a processing log. It also shows previous versions of the tweet.

The time limit and version history are particularly important for the context of a post. They help protect the integrity of the conversation. Because despite the edit button, users should still be able to see what was originally posted and how it was changed.

These groups are testing the new Edit button

Twitter is initially testing the edit button with a smaller internal group. Upon completion of this phase, Twitter Blue subscribers will also have access to the new feature.

With the help of the feedback, Twitter wants to identify and solve possible problems. Testing will also look at ways in which people might abuse the new feature. The test team is also investigating how the edit button affects the way people read, write, and engage with tweets.

Twitter’s Country Manager Germany, Jolanta Baboulidis, hopes that the editing function will make tweeting easier and less stressful in the future.

Users should be able to participate in the conversation in ways that make sense for them individually, and we’ll continue to work on ways to make that effortless.

The test will initially run in a single country. As soon as there are initial findings on how users use the edit button, the function will be extended to other countries.

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