Software company Mozilla is investing millions in its eponymous AI start-up The goal: “trustworthy” artificial intelligence. So is the company working on a Mozilla Firefox AI browser?

One topic is currently occupying the technology industry like no other: artificial intelligence (AI). OpenAI convinced with ChatGPT, while the tool DALL-E produces incredible images. Meanwhile, Google responded with its own language assistant Bard. But one question remains.

Can we trust AI systems? And who ensures that the data behind it is valid? So far there is no official answer to this. Still, companies strive to maintain the image of their tools. But even if the OpenAI suggests transparency, the algorithm behind ChatGPT is actually a black box.

Artificial intelligence: Mozilla declares war on the competition with its AI start-up

Mozilla sees it that way too. The company behind the well-known Firefox browser therefore founded its own AI start-up called The goal: to develop artificial intelligence that is transparent and trustworthy. Mozilla could thus have a lasting influence on the development of artificial intelligence.

Because a look into the past reveals that the company still has considerable influence on the Internet. With its own Firefox browser, Mozilla brought a competitive alternative to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, which continues to enjoy some popularity.

Mozilla-ai: Focus on “trustworthy” AI

The new approach focuses on transparency. Because on its own website, Mozilla talks about wanting to design a “trustworthy” artificial intelligence. So it doesn’t seem to be a priority to quickly bring a real competitor’s product onto the market.

But what the company’s AI ecosystem will look like in practice remains to be seen. However, the past shows that Mozilla can certainly be in a position to stir up the industry with its products.

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