Numerous Trade Republic customers are currently complaining about missing dividend payments. They are venting their displeasure via social media – primarily due to the poor customer support. This is not the first time that the neobroker has failed in terms of communication. A comment.

Since the beginning of June 2024, numerous Trade Republic customers have been complaining about missing dividend payments. They are venting their anger on social media. However, most of them are even more annoyed by the lack of customer communication – and rightly so. The neobroker would have had it so easy if they had learned from the recent past.

Trade Republic disappoints many of its customers – again

Trade Republic had already scared away numerous customers in September 2023. At that time, the company presented a new app that generated little enthusiasm among users. On the contrary: It was sometimes heavily criticized. But things got even worse.

The neobroker sometimes reacted to customer feedback with catastrophic reactions and a lack of understanding. Crisis communication? None of that! But Trade Republic has clearly learned nothing from that. Although: This time it was a little different. Instead of reacting to the current criticism with a lack of understanding, the company simply did not react at all!

No customer support regarding missing dividends

“Trade Republic’s lack of response is the worst, a disaster,” writes one angry customer on the spa news service X (formerly Twitter).

Although the lack of dividend payments only seems to apply to a few stocks, the lack of communication about this is even more upsetting for many, as they only received automated responses from customer support.

According to Trade Republic, the problems are related to a system change that has apparently led to capacity bottlenecks. However, instead of informing the affected customers directly, the company only responded to a request from Business Insider and said:

Due to a system change, a few dividends were posted to the customer last week not in real time, but, as is usual with other brokers, only a few banking days after the payment date. In the current quarter, this affected DWS and Porsche, among others. The outstanding dividends will be processed and posted today, Monday. Customers will receive them during the day or tomorrow.

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