The UPRO Ostand product series from TORRAS gets the most out of your iPhone and MagSafe. This includes the O-ring and the protective base, which is discreet and at the same time does not increase weight. The Ostand, which won the IF Design Award and the German Red Dot Award, supports you with navigation and safe driving, among other things. That's why we're introducing you to the UPRO Ostand in detail in this article!

With the products from the UPRO Ostand series, you can give your iPhone with MagSafe function an upgrade that pays off.

Picture: TORRAS

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UPRO Ostand: 4-in-1 iPhone cases

The versatility of the compact iPhone case is what sets the Ostand apart: you can hold your iPhone securely in your hand or set it down comfortably for a video conference. Of course, you can continue to use your iPhone's MagSafe technology unhindered with the UPRO Ostand.

The iPhone case isn't bulky, although it offers military-grade protection. Over 3,000 drop tests from a height of 3.66 meters were carried out without any iPhone being damaged. This is due to the material used in aviation from which UPRO Ostand is made.


Picture: TORRAS

UPRO Ostand R: The further development of the Ostand, special design of the 360° ring

The UPRO Ostand Pro is characterized by a 360 degree rotating handle. This means you can switch effortlessly and seamlessly between landscape and portrait format. A strong 18 N magnet ensures the necessary hold on surfaces. The elegant UPRO Ostand is suitable for iPhone models starting from the iPhone 14 Pro.

TORRAS cases

The UPRO Ostand R

According to our observations, many people experience problems with white borders and bubbles during installation when purchasing screen protectors. This TORRAS screen protector is easy to install. It has two main features: Easy, bubble-free installation and full coverage with no white borders (The protective insertion of the product can be maintained).

This tempered glass for your iPhone has been tested to military standards and covers the display like armor. In tests, the Ostand R-Screen Protector withstood pressure of up to 60 kilos and even around 5,000 drop tests could not harm it. Once you've used the tempered glass once, you'll immediately understand why you don't want to switch to another brand!

TORRAS display protection

The TORRAS iPhone tempered glass

Quality from Torras: iPhone products for protection and comfort

Torras products increase comfort in everyday life. Thanks to protective iPhone cases with O-rings, you can now easily hold conferences in portrait or landscape format and have your hands free. At the same time, you protect your iPhone with high-quality cases and elements such as the tempered glass for the display. If you would like to convince yourself of the quality of the UPRO Ostand series and the screen protector, you can now save 10 percent for a short time when you buy your TORRAS products via our link!

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