The US company Sunzaun presented a special photovoltaic system. Because with a solar fence requires little space and brings some benefits.

As part of the energy transition, the creativity of many companies is increasing. Wind power and solar systems can now be installed in a wide variety of variations. For example, after there is already a garden fence that also serves as a wind turbine, the Sunstall company is now going one step further.

With the spin-off Sunzaun, the Californian manufacturer wants to offer vertical solar systems for farms, farms and highways. The new system follows the trend of converting usable space into power plants. Agriculture and energy production go hand in hand.

Solar fence protects against the sun and can reduce water consumption

According to the manufacturer, the system has a number of advantages. In addition to more effective land use, the panels offer shade for crops and animals and are intended to reduce water consumption.

Overall, the panels can be tilted by up to 15 degrees, and even stronger winds shouldn’t cause any major problems. Sunzaun is currently still undergoing certification for the safety of the system. 43 of the modules producing on both sides were installed on a test site in California.

Overall, the resulting solar fence was able to deliver an output of 23 kilowatts, the electricity generated then flowed into two batteries. Especially in the mornings and afternoons, the system makes a significant contribution to the electricity requirements of the local wine production facility.

New type of solar system can already be ordered

Studies in the field demonstrate that solar systems do not always have to be tilted towards the sun. A study by the University of Leipzig in August 2022 found that solar panels working on both sides generate as much energy as systems facing the sun. Assuming they are oriented east and west.

Interested parties can order the system directly from the manufacturer. However, Sunzaun does not give any direct information about the price on its website. Nevertheless, the system shows to what extent the expansion of solar systems does not necessarily have to fail due to a lack of roofs and space.

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