With WhatsApp you can not only send messages and photos, but also make calls. However, sometimes the voice and video calls do not work. Your WhatsApp call doesn’t work? We explain what you can do.

Since February 2009 we have been able to use WhatsApp to get in touch with friends and families, but also with business contacts. In the meantime, we can not only send text messages, photos, videos, links and documents via Messenger, but also call each other.

WhatsApp call does not work: That may be the reason

You start the WhatsApp call by selecting a conversation history with a person in the app and then tapping the small handset icon or the small video camera to the right of your contact’s name. Normally, the voice or video call should begin this way.

However, it happens again and again that a WhatsApp call does not work. There can be different reasons. We have put together some tips that can help you if the function does not work.

WhatsApp call does not work: you can do that

1. Check your internet connection

If you’re having trouble making a WhatsApp call, you can try connecting to a different network. For example, you could use a nearby WiFi network instead of your mobile data. Because your current network may not be correctly configured for the so-called User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and thus hinders the call function.

2. Check the firewall

If the call doesn’t work while you’re on WiFi, make sure your router’s security settings and firewall configuration aren’t blocking certain connection types. Various ports must be enabled for WhatsApp. You should also make sure that you are not connected to your router as a “guest”.

3. WhatsApp call does not work due to energy saving mode

If you use the energy saving mode of your smartphone, this can also be the reason why the WhatsApp call does not work. Turn off the mode and try making a call again.

4. Bluetooth settings are interfering with WhatsApp call

The same applies to certain Bluetooth settings. If your Bluetooth is connected, turn it off and try the WhatsApp call again.

5. Reboot and check device

If you still cannot use the function, try restarting your device. Not only with problems with WhatsApp can work wonders.

You should also check that no other app is using your microphone, earpiece or camera at the same time. If necessary, close these applications in order to use WhatsApp properly.

6. Clear cache

If a specific feature isn’t working, clearing the app’s cache may help. You can do this on Android in the general app settings. On the iPhone, go to “iPhone Storage” in the general settings and select WhatsApp there.

7. Perform update

WhatsApp must be installed in the current version on your device. So check your app store to see if you can download an update for the application.

Call feature not available in some countries

In some countries, the WhatsApp call function is not available. So if you are abroad or your contact lives there, you cannot call them or receive a call from them.

If you’re trying to call a contact from your computer desktop, make sure your device has a strong internet connection. You must also use the latest available app version in this case.

Also, check if your device supports desktop calling. Because the function is only available on Windows 10 from the 64-bit version 1903 and on macOS from version 10.13. You can also check the sound settings for your microphone, camera, and speakers through your computer’s settings. Also make sure that your computer can access these functions.

Sometimes the problem is not with you or your device. Because even with WhatsApp it can happen that the servers are down or there are other technical problems with the app. You can find out whether this is the case via this Twitter profile to check whatsapp status.

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