Would you also like to spend more time on the really important things in life instead of having to do housework after a long day at work and on the weekend? With modern household helpers, at least a large part of the annoying work can be done by itself. In this article we will explain to you how the Eureka E10s supports you in your everyday life and which features it uses to take care of your floor.

A vacuum cleaner robot takes over a large part of your household work. Completely automated, it declares war on crumbs, lint and more. Meanwhile, you go out with friends or have a cozy evening on the sofa. We introduce you to the new Eureka E10s, with which you can relax and take care of what is really important to you.

The Eureka E10s robot vacuum cleaner: functions and capabilities in detail

The Eureka E10s is a modern robot vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a variety of functions to make cleaning your house or apartment easier. Below we will introduce you to the most important functions of the E10s in detail.

Bagless base station

The eureka E10s is the American brand's latest robot vacuum cleaner, which was just presented at IFA 2023. It is equipped with a unique bagless station. After cleaning, the base station collects dirt in a dust container, similar to most modern cordless vacuum cleaners.

This gives the model a clear advantage over other vacuum cleaner robots with bags, where you have to regularly check whether you have enough bags at home. With the bagless E10s from Eureka, you no longer have to worry about replacing the bag after purchase. He cleans, you empty the container – it’s that simple.

suction power

The Eureka E10s stands out in its price range not only because of its innovative base station, but also because of its outstanding suction power and its advanced obstacle avoidance function.

The E10s has a powerful 4000Pa suction power that effortlessly removes dust, dirt and pet hair from hard floors, carpets and other floor coverings. The bagless dust container with a capacity of 600 ml is easy to empty and clean.

Thanks to the different suction modes, you can adapt the suction power to your individual needs. Quiet mode is ideal for cleaning at night, while Max mode can be used for heavily soiled floors. Carpet mode automatically increases suction power when the robot detects a carpet.


The Eureka E10s is particularly suitable for cleaning carpets and carpets, wooden floors and marble. It not only easily removes dirt and dust, but also stubborn animal hair.


The E10s also has a mopping function that allows you to mop while vacuuming. The water tank has a capacity of 300 ml and you can choose between three mopping levels to adapt the water flow to the needs of your floor. Thanks to ultrasonic carpet detection, the mop is automatically raised when the robot detects a carpet to keep it dry.


The E10s uses advanced LiDAR navigation and SLAM algorithms to create precise maps of your home or apartment and plan intelligent routes for cleaning. This ensures that the robot cleans all areas of your home efficiently and thoroughly. The robot detects and avoids obstacles such as furniture and stairs to prevent falls and damage.

App control and voice control

You can easily control the E10s via the Eureka app. In the app you can create cleaning schedules, adjust the vacuum and mopping settings, control the robot in real time and view the cleaning history. The E10s is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can also control the robot with your voice.

Automatic suction station and additional functions

The E10s offers additional features that make cleaning your home easier. The automatic suction station automatically empties the robot's dust container after cleaning. This means that the collected dust does not stay in the robot and needs to be emptied every time. The station only needs to be emptied approximately every 45 days, making household chores even easier!



The robot has a long battery life of up to 180 minutes. It automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is empty. You can create virtual walls in the app to keep the robot away from certain areas.

Conclusion: An intelligent vacuum robot that everyone needs

The Eureka E10s is a powerful and intelligent robot vacuum that makes cleaning your home easier. With its strong suction power, mopping function, intelligent navigation and app control, the E10s is a good choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient robot vacuum cleaner.

To the Eureka E10s

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