Grilling is a lot of work for most people. Prepare the large grill with lots of charcoal, wait until the charcoal is hot and clean for a long time after grilling. And: You can usually not take the grill with you. This is exactly what Stack, the mobile and portable grill, is designed to solve. We tested the product from “The Lion’s Den”.

First, let’s look at the benefits of portable grills in general.

  • Mobility: A portable grill is lightweight and easy to transport. You can take it with you everywhere, for example camping.
  • Flexibility: A portable grill is often small and therefore quickly ready for grilling. So if you want to grill alone or with a few people, you can do it spontaneously.
  • Versatility: There are many different types of portable grills. Some offer more than the normal grill function, such as a fire pit.
  • socializing: When out with friends in the summer, a portable grill will add conviviality and good taste.

So, the key benefits of portable grills include portability, flexibility, versatility, and conviviality. There is also a special taste that the food gets from grilling.

Stack Grill Test: The mobile and portable grill with an innovative plug-in system

The inventor of the Stack Grill is Raphael Seiler from Regensburg. He always saw barbecuing as a special experience. For him it was important that the entire process of grilling – from the preparation to the gathering after the meal – should be as simple and convenient as possible. That’s exactly why he developed the Stack Grill, which you can easily convert into a warm fireplace after grilling.

Does the Stack Grill really work that easily and quickly? We tested the mobile and portable grill from The Lion’s Den.

packaging and processing

Our first impression of the Stack Grill is very positive. The grill is delivered in a practical carrying bag and the workmanship is very high quality. The bag is also one of the biggest advantages of the Stack Grill. You can easily prepare your charcoal and your lighter directly in the grill at home. Then you pack the finished grill in the bag and take it with you without getting your car or your bag dirty.

The practical carrying case for the Stack Grill

The Stack Grill weighs just under four kilos and is made of high-quality, robust stainless steel. According to the manufacturer, there is space for grilling food for up to five people on the grill surface. In our test, we grilled for three adults and filled the area well.

time and functions

Before we could use the Stack Grill for the first time, we had to read the manual in detail. The functionality, how to light the grill and how to turn it exactly, is not self-explanatory. After a short trial and error, however, it quickly becomes clear.

Stack Grill Test Light the charcoal

The charcoal is hot within ten minutes

After lighting the charcoal and the lighters, it only took about ten minutes until the grill was ready to grill. This is the biggest advantage for us, as you are ready to put the food on the grill in no time.


The flexibility of the Stack Grill sets it apart from other portable grills. Because after grilling you can also use the grill as a fireplace. You can use the included tongs to rotate the stack 90 degrees after it has cooled and then put firewood inside.


The Stack Grill can easily be converted into a fireplace

Prize from the Stack Grill

The price of the Stack Grill is 99.99 euros. Since the grill is of high quality and cannot only be used once, the price is worth it. At best, the Stack Grill will last for many years and allow you to grill whenever you go camping or in the park.

Stack Grill in “The Lion’s Den”: Here’s how the portable grill performs

The founder of the Stack Grill can be seen in the current season of “Die Höhle der Löwen” and introduces the portable and mobile grill to the lions. You can see how the founder is doing and whether there will be a deal on April 17, 2023.

Conclusion: High-quality grill for on the go

In our test, the Stack Grill kept everything that was previously promised. The setup was quick and easy after a short reading, the bag is practical for on the go and the grill was quickly hot and ready to grill. From now on we always take the mobile grill with us to the campsite!

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