December is not only the month of contemplation, but also the month for looking back on the year. Now Google has also looked back on 2023 and published what Germans searched for most often in 2023.

Whether Spotify Wrapped or Apple Music Replay – almost every major platform these days offers its users the opportunity to create a personal annual review. Of course, Google and its search engine should not be missing. But what is it that interests Germans most in 2023? We show you Google's search trends for 2023.

Annual review: The trends in Google search 2023

Google has created different categories for the search trends of the year. This means news doesn't have to compete with internet trends.

In the headlines category, Germans were particularly interested in the “War in Israel and Gaza” in 2023. “Earthquake Turkey” came in second, followed by Rammstein in third place.

Taylor Swift, who certainly tops one or two top lists on other platforms, only comes in seventh in the Google annual trends “headlines”. Even the supposed lion in Berlin did better here with fourth place.

And pop icon Taylor Swift also had to admit defeat in the International Personalities category. Here she only ends up in second place behind Harry Kane. Third place in this category goes to Hawkeye Avenger Jeremy Renner, who had an accident with a snowmobile.

These were the pop culture moments of 2023

When it comes to pop culture, Google offers films, series and memes. It should hardly surprise anyone that “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie” took the top two places in the films category. The second part of “Avatar” made it to third place.

“Yesterday we were still kids” leads the 2023 series trends on Google. Followed by “Wednesday” and “One Piece”.

Curiosities from Google’s annual review

But in addition to topics from the news, stars and starlets as well as current pop culture, curiosities also make it into Google's trends for 2023.

For example, the question “Why were fake lashes invented?” leads the ranking of why questions. Seventh place in this category is also quite impressive with “Why can’t cucumbers get married?”

The users of the Google search engine are apparently quite fond of the good old cucumber. Because ninth place also goes to her with the question “Why are cucumbers so expensive?”

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