The smallest car in the world offers just enough space for one person and a shopping bag. There are now around 27 examples of the Peel P50 left – and they are very popular with collectors.

It is 1.37 meters long, 99 centimeters wide and 1.16 meters high: the Peel P50, the smallest car in the world. It has a 4.2 hp engine and can accelerate up to 70 kilometers per hour. Between 1961 and 1963, the Peel Engineering Company on the Scottish Isle of Man manufactured around 50 examples of the vehicle – and they have become very popular with collectors.

Without reverse gear: The Peel P50 is the smallest car in the world

The Peel P50 has three wheels, two at the front and one at the back. The vehicle's only door is on the left side. The equipment also includes a single windshield wiper and a headlight.

Although the car has three forward gears, drivers have to make do without a reverse gear. Instead, the P50 has a handle at the rear with which the vehicle, which weighs just 59 kilos, can be lifted and maneuvered as required.

At the time, the car was designed as a city car and was advertised in the 1960s as offering space for adults and a shopping bag. It had a 50 cubic engine, which gave it its name, and came in Daytona White, Dragon Red and Dark Blue.

From the street into the Guinness Book of Records

The Peel P50 was only produced in a limited edition. However, he continued to receive a lot of attention later on. For example, in 2010 it was honored in the Guinness Book of Records as the “smallest car ever made”.

The small vehicle also subsequently became famous through the British TV car magazine Top Gear – especially when presenter Jeremy Clarkson drove the car through London traffic directly into the BBC elevator.

There are now only 27 examples of the P50 left. They are highly traded among collectors. For example, one of the cars was sold at a Sotheby's auction in March 2016 for a total of $176,000.

The smallest car in the world is reborn – as an electric car

The Peel P50 has not been manufactured in the factory for a long time. Nevertheless, the smallest car in the world is now available in a new edition – and you can assemble it yourself, among other things.

The London company P50Cars offers the model with either an electric or combustion engine. Those interested can decide whether they want to order the car fully assembled or in a kit that they can assemble themselves. The starting price for the modular system is the equivalent of around 11,700 euros.

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