Project participants recently made further progress with the Gateway lunar space station. This will soon make expeditions to foreign celestial bodies possible.

How long will it take before humanity builds its first civilizations on other celestial bodies? As far as the moon is concerned, this vision does not seem too far away. Space organizations are currently working with companies to develop the right buildings for settlement. This includes the HALO module (Habitation and Logistics Outpost).

The module is part of the Gateway space station and recently reached another milestone. The primary structure is one step closer to completion after welding work was completed in Turin, Italy.

HALO is one of four gateway modules designed to house astronauts, conduct scientific experiments and prepare for missions to the lunar surface. NASA is working with Northrop Grumman and its subcontractor Thales Alenia Space to complete HALO in a timely manner.

Gateway: Space station for the moon takes shape

As part of the Artemis IV mission, the companies are assembling key components for the Gateway space station in Turin. These include the HALO module and the Lunar I-Hab module, which will transport astronauts to the Gateway during the mission. Thanks to recent progress, the Artemis IV mission is now taking shape, with major hardware components on track for completion.

ESA (European Space Agency) is also working on the project. It is supplying the Lunar I-Hab, which was developed in collaboration with JAXA (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency). This is one of the four gateway modules in which astronauts will live and work while orbiting the Moon.

Astronauts could uncover secrets of the moon

Together with HALO, Lunar I-Hab and the “Power and Propulsion” element, two other gateway modules form the core components of the space station. The Canadian Space Agency CSA, meanwhile, provides the advanced external robotic system Canadarm3 as well as facilities for scientific instruments.

But who will be the first to land on the space station of the future? According to current information, an international team of astronauts will be the first to go. They would then live on Gateway, conduct science and prepare for missions to previously unexplored regions of the moon.

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