Smartbroker has given itself a new coat of paint and will in future also be available via app as Smartbroker Plus. But not only the design of the broker is new – the conditions have also been revised.

In 2022, Smartbroker ranked fourth among the most important neobanks and neobrokers in Germany in terms of brand awareness. The broker was known to 30 percent of those surveyed last year. This put Smartbroker behind N26 with 41 percent, eToro (35 percent) and Trade Republic (33 percent).

But Smartbroker will probably not be satisfied with fourth place. Because with Smartbroker Plus, users can now also trade via app – new design included.

The new app from Smartbroker Plus can do that

Smartbroker Plus will be available via apps for iOS and Android as well as via the web. Users can currently access an Early Access version.

The trading platform wants to appear much leaner in the future and simplify processes digitally. This also includes simplifying the process of opening a securities account, which the company says will take “only a few minutes” in the future.

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The depot remains free of charge

But not only the name and design of the broker have been revised and given a new look. The conditions have also been revised.

The broker’s depot should also be free of charge in the future. There are also free ETF savings plans and more than 14,000 funds with no front-end load. Securities trading via chains is available from zero euros, as is trading in around 1.5 million derivatives.

In the course of the revision, Smartbroker Plus has, among other things, adjusted the prices for foreign stock exchanges. These should “soon be significantly cheaper”. This also applies to trading on the German floor exchanges.

Further functions for Smartbroker Plus are to follow

The broker’s new app is currently still in an early access phase. Therefore, not all functions are fully available yet.

All German trading places and various derivatives partners are included at the start. According to current planning, users will then be able to access the full range in October.

In the coming year, the broker wants to expand the offer again. Then cryptocurrencies should also be available and the opening of junior and joint depots should be possible.

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