You probably know this: Your life as an independent entrepreneur or freelancer is ruled by appointments and deadlines. Finding the head and the time to compare prices and deal with the advantages of a contract is very difficult. We will therefore explain to you at this point how you can benefit from Vodafone Business and what you have to consider when concluding a contract.

Advantages for the self-employed and freelancers

In everyday life, time flies by in an instant. Between orders and organizational matters, you may find it difficult to find the time to deal with price comparisons in detail and to filter out the advantages of an offer as part of your self-employment. It is therefore good to know about tariffs for business customers, which often have various advantages over private customer tariffs, such as their own support.

The Vodafone Business tariffs also offer business customers advantages such as double the data volume or free months. In addition, when you sign a Vodafone Business contract, you benefit, for example, from a uniform discount on almost all mobile and data tariffs. You can also secure additional price advantages when putting together a corresponding combination of several products.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a new mobile phone tariff or you’re interested in the Internet and the landline network – or both. Vodafone Business has exciting offers for the self-employed in both sectors.

Register as a Vodafone business customer

Many solo self-employed people still assume that business tariffs are out of the question for them because of their solo self-employment. That’s not true, because self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers can of course choose a Vodafone business tariff. It is crucial that you provide the correct proof of identity and business. We’ll tell you in three steps how to do it.

1st step: Book a Vodafone business tariff

Book the Vodafone business tariff you want that suits your requirements and wishes.

2nd step: Make documents available

In order for the Vodafone Business tariff you have booked to be activated, Vodafone requires appropriate proof of legitimation and business. Various documents can be used for this.

In any case, you need a scan of the front and back of your ID card. You can add a trade license or a certificate from the tax office, for example. If you or your company is not entered in the commercial register, you can refer to the letter that contains your VAT ID. Letters and evidence from corporations and chambers are also accepted.

If the company is entered in the commercial register and you are not authorized to represent it, you will also need a power of attorney and written confirmation from your company.

Step 3: Submit documents

Go to the Vodafone Business page where you can send the identification documents and proof to Vodafone. Fill in all fields, upload the documents and send everything together. Complete!

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