Conceptboard is an online tool that enables virtual work on projects by replacing the classic whiteboard in the office. In our location portrait we take a look behind the scenes of the company of the same name.

Conceptboard is an interactive online tool that enables companies to work together virtually – even if the employees are geographically and temporally separated from each other.

The online tool replaces the classic whiteboard in the office. Instead, project groups can use a GDPR-compliant digital workspace. Various functions are available to users there.

For example, you can take notes, add annotations, and draw sketches. It is also possible to upload files and edit them directly on the virtual whiteboard.

Conceptboard: Virtual collaboration since 2000

Conceptboard founder Daniel Bohn came up with the idea for the online tool during his studies in the 2000s. At that time, he missed the opportunity to present complex topics in a clear way in order to work with others on corresponding projects.

Since it was officially founded with Christian Schröder in 2010, the software start-up from Stuttgart has grown steadily. The company now has 6,500 customers worldwide, including Siemens, Rossmann and the Würth Group. Government institutions also use the company’s products in their work.

Software for teamwork: This is how Conceptboard works in Stuttgart

A total of 70 employees work at Conceptboard. The employees from the areas of marketing, sales, customer success and HR meet in the Stuttgart office. Meanwhile, the Conceptboard office offers 160 square meters of space.

The layout: Five work rooms and a meeting room that can accommodate up to 20 people. The employees can also exchange ideas at a coffee counter. However, they are free to choose whether they want to come to the office or prefer to work remotely or hybrid.

Pop-up offices for location-independent exchange

In addition to the permanent location in Stuttgart, Conceptboard keeps opening pop-up offices. This should give employees at different locations the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. So far, there have already been pop-up offices in Porto, Portugal, and in the Allgäu. More are to follow.

The Conceptboard team in front of the Allgäu pop-up office. (Photo: Company)

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