Turn signals are now permitted on bicycles. A change in road traffic law is intended to reduce the number of bicycle accidents in the future. The backgrounds.

Turning incorrectly in traffic can have serious consequences – especially for cyclists. Because their bikes have neither a crumple zone nor an airbag.

Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) therefore states: “Anyone who wants to turn must announce this in good time and clearly; The direction indicators must be used.” For cyclists, this previously meant a hand signal. However, thanks to a new regulation, all bicycles are now allowed to have indicators.

Turn signals on bicycles are intended to reduce accidents

The Federal Council recently approved a corresponding change to the road traffic law regulations. Previously, direction indicators were only permitted on multi-track bicycles and bicycles with a body or trailer such as a rickshaw. In these models, the drivers' hand signals were partially or completely covered.

However, due to the increasing number of accidents involving electric bicycles, the Federal Ministry of Transport appeared to be concerned. In order to give a hand signal when turning, you have to take your hand off the handlebars. This would lead to an impairment of driving stability and a change in braking behavior in difficult situations. That is why the Federal Ministry of Transport announced a reform in January 2024.

Turn signals are particularly useful at night

Transport State Secretary Oliver Luksic welcomes the decision. Approving indicators for all bicycles is good for road safety. This would make it easier for cyclists to be noticed when turning. The change is also an important signal for the bicycle industry, which now has planning security in order to bring corresponding products onto the market.

The Road Safety Council (DVR) welcomed the lifting of the turn signal ban at the beginning of the year. Particularly at night, the turning intention is then more visible to other road users. “Collisions with cyclists turning left often result in serious injuries and could be reduced in this way.”

According to the current catalog of fines, people who turn without announcing the change of direction in a timely and clear manner pay a fine of ten euros. If the failure creates a danger, it is 30 euros. If an accident occurs, 35 euros will be charged.

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