The US company Gosun has developed an inflatable solar electric boat. The model called Elcat is almost silent.

Many people probably took advantage of the summer and the sun to take one or two trips to a lake. Cooling off by or on the water is a popular leisure activity for Germans.

But in the recreational sector, many small boats are still based on diesel or other fuel engines. The amount of greenhouse gases emitted appears to be manageable. Nevertheless, there is now also what appears to be the perfect watercraft for environmentally conscious people. It goes by the name Elcat.

Solar electric boat can accommodate up to six people

This is a solar electric boat from the US company Gosun. What’s special about it is that it doesn’t emit a single gram of CO2 during operation, as long as it is charged with green electricity in advance. An electric motor drives the boat almost silently.

Also on board: a solar system with an output of 200 watts. This provides additional range on sunny days and recharges the battery. An Elcat offers space for up to six people and can carry a total weight of up to 600 kilograms.

Another special feature is the structure. Because the boat consists largely of air. Six air chambers ensure the necessary stability. When inflated, the Elcat measures 4.5 × 2.5 × 2 meters. The total weight is 113 kilograms.

Water excursions at up to ten kilometers per hour

On the water, the electric motor reaches up to ten kilometers per hour with 1.3 kilowatts. When the day on the water is over, owners can simply deflate and fold the system for transport. The Elcat is manufactured in Europe. According to the manufacturer, it meets all the necessary certifications for safety and durability.

The boat is available for 12,750 euros on the official Gosun website. However, the manufacturer does not specify a delivery time. With this approach, the company shows that it doesn’t necessarily need large boats for a day on the water. However, an additional electric air pump is still recommended.

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