The British company Nyobolt has presented a new battery technology. The concept should allow electric cars to be fully charged within six minutes. The backgrounds.

“A new record in the electrification of vehicles”: This is the title of Nyobolt’s newly developed battery technology, which the British company recently presented in a specially developed concept vehicle.

Nyobolt: This electric car recharges itself in 6 minutes

According to the British, the two-seater should be fully charged in less than six minutes. A lightweight 35-kilowatt-hour battery is installed inside the e-car, which means that the total weight of the vehicle is less than two tons. In addition, the electric car should be able to travel up to 250 kilometers.

According to Nyobolt, the new technology does not come at the expense of battery life. The company has tested its batteries for more than 2,000 quick charge cycles without any significant loss of performance.

Nyobolt e-car battery does not use graphite

To make this possible, Nyobolt, together with scientists, asked the question why conventional lithium-ion batteries cannot be charged faster. In the course of the research, they found out that the lithium ions had too few opportunities to move and that heat was also generated during charging.

To counteract this, the British are using niobium tungsten oxide as the anode material – because graphite is used in conventional batteries instead. With this change, the battery heats up to just 40 degrees Celsius and the lithium ions can move much faster. The result: the loading process takes less time.

Nyobolt: New technology to go into production in 2024

With the new technology, Nyobolt wants to solve the core problems of the electric car industry, which stand in the way of the widespread introduction of e-cars worldwide, according to the company. Above all, the batteries that are currently installed in electric vehicles from other manufacturers are large, heavy and also expensive.

This means that the cost of electric cars is unaffordable for some buyers. Nyobolt had already presented the new technology at the end of 2021. “In five minutes to 90 percent” was the promise back then. The new battery technology will go into production in early 2024. However, it is unclear whether the concept vehicle will also go into series production.

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