An AI that recognizes where exactly your photos were taken? This could be particularly critical for social media users. But the AI ​​system GeoSpy promises exactly that.

Whether in posts or stories on Instagram, WhatsApp or TikTok – countless photos find their way onto social networks every day and are therefore visible to many other people. However, authors do not always show where they took the respective image.

However, a new AI tool could shed light on this. Because GeoSpy AI promises to be able to identify the location of the recording based on a photo.

This is how GeoSpy finds the location of photos

The AI ​​tool’s website is pretty simple. Accordingly, GeoSpy is still in the public demo phase. Here you can take a photo or drag and drop it into a window provided for this purpose.

The AI ​​tool then spits out its analysis. If architecture can be seen in the image, GeoSpy describes it and also provides information about which region this architecture is typical for.

For example, if you upload a photo of a well-known attraction, GeoSpy will spit out a detailed description. Not only the name and location of the attraction are displayed, but also information about its construction, construction period and use.

Finally, GeoSpy also gives out the exact coordinates. Additional photos are also displayed on the basis of which the AI ​​tool decided on this result.

AI tool does not require geodata

GeoSpy works without the use of geodata. Many photos now contain information about the GPS data of the location where they were taken. But the AI ​​tool does not rely on this.

When analyzing, the application only takes into account what can be seen in the image. However, this can also lead to inaccuracies.

Artificial intelligence works better when more context can be seen in the photo. A single building, if it is not particularly well-known, produces worse results than photos in which other houses can be seen in the background.

Then GeoSpy can either output the exact location. Or, as in the case of sights, even the exact position based on the coordinates.

GeoSpy is set to receive a Pro version

The AI ​​tool is currently still in the metaphase and therefore under development. The operator expressly points out on the website that this is a demo that can “provide inaccurate results”.

It should not be used for serious purposes. Graylark Technologies LLC is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of this version.

The operator “strongly” recommends that anyone who wants to use GeoSpy for “professional use cases” register for the planned Pro version.

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