Lithium has become one of the most sought-after raw materials in the world. In 2023, however, 88 percent of global lithium production came from just three nations. In our weekly ranking, we therefore show you the countries that produce the most lithium.

Whether laptops, smartphones or tablets: electronic devices are part of our everyday lives. As part of the energy transition, electric cars are also becoming increasingly popular. The heart of many of these technologies are lithium-ion batteries. The demand for the raw material is therefore constantly increasing.

The countries that produce the most lithium

While lithium producers promote green technologies and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, the process also has negative effects. Lithium mining itself is associated with significant environmental impacts. Water shortages in the mining region, the destruction of the landscape and high energy consumption are just some of the ecological problems.

The Voronoi app has created an overview of the world's leading countries in lithium production. The figures come from the latest statistics from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). In 2023, 184,680 tons of lithium were mined worldwide. 88 percent of this is accounted for by just three nations. In the following ranking, we show you the countries that produce the most lithium.

8th place: Portugal

Eighth place in the ranking of countries that produce the most lithium goes to 380 tons to Portugal in 2023. The country has significant lithium reserves, particularly in the north, and there are plans to expand production to meet European demand for batteries for electric vehicles.

8th place: Portugal. (Photo: Canva)

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