Although robotic cars have their finger on the pulse, drivers will still need pedals and steering wheels for a long time to come. However, other vehicle parts will soon be a thing of the past.

Central locking instead of door knob

An example is the button that was once in the lock.

What was once used to open cars has now had to make way for the popular central locking system.

But this component is by no means the only vehicle component that has gotten old.

central locking system
Central locking instead of door knob – Image: © geargodz # 221053376

The roof antenna as a discontinued model

A long roof antenna not only spoils the look of a car. When driving in the car wash, an antenna is also a disadvantage. Even if the long antennas have been replaced by so-called shark fin roof antennas over the course of time, these car parts are also no longer up to date.

The reception aids are now integrated into mirrors or panes in the form of thin foils. At the same time, modern antennas are able to receive not only radio signals but also data via mobile communications or WLAN.

Roof antenna as a discontinued model
The roof antenna as a discontinued model – Bild: ala Palakorn Jaiman # 459694123

The soon end of the stick shift?

Outside of Europe, the manual transmission has long since been phased out. In Germany, vehicle manufacturer VW has now announced that it will only produce models in automatic mode from 2023.

An accelerating factor is an industry-wide switch to e-mobility, since an electric vehicle is always in automatic mode due to the lack of a starting clutch.

The introduction of this technology eliminates the steering wheel and driver’s seat. The previously used automatic selector lever is replaced by a simple button mounted on the dashboard.

The end of the car key?

So-called keyless systems are now part of most vehicles. There is still a small beard in cars, only for emergencies, which is difficult to see from the outside.
However, even this feature will probably be superfluous in the future, since vehicles will soon be able to be activated and opened via mobile phone identification. Accordingly, the keys will be handed over digitally in the future.

car key
The off of the car key – Image: © New Africa#257967847

The end of the CD slot

Audio recordings have always conquered the car rather with a time delay. The widespread cassette radio followed the car record player before the CD car radio conquered the automotive world. Most drivers now use music streaming on the go.

For most vehicles, a CD player is no longer provided at all. Instead, systems such as mobile phone networks, Apple Car Play or Android Auto are commonplace in the modern vehicle world. Some models are now equipped with infotainment systems including music streaming services and web radio.


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