EZVIZ is one of the world’s leading providers in the smart home sector. The company presented new products and systems at IFA 2023 in Berlin. We spoke to Giulio Di Cesare, Sales Manager Italy, about EZVIZ’s goals and visions.

BASIC thinking: Hello Giulio, what does EZVIZ expect from its participation at IFA?

Julius of Caesar: Our goal is to consolidate our position on the market – as one of the world market leaders. We want to use our participation at IFA to present our new products and bring people closer to our systems.

What is EZVIZ’s goal in the smart home sector?

We want to take the leadership position and transition the market to the next generation. This is about a new idea of ​​smart home. Above all, this includes sustainable and seamless systems.

The market for smart home technologies is constantly evolving, how does EZVIZ want to establish itself?

The purchasing behavior of end customers is changing quickly. On the one hand, they want seamless and simple solutions. On the other hand, they also want improvements and optimization of systems – for example in the form of higher camera resolution. Our goal is therefore to connect both levels.

HP7: The new intelligent video intercom from EZVIZ

The HP7 video intercom system is an intelligent solution for more security at home. What are their main features?

We prefer to talk about systems rather than individual products. For example, if you order the HP7 video intercom system, you don’t just get an intelligent door camera for your home. You also get a remote control for your home system that can be used to manage everything.

This allows you to set up the cameras and locks and establish a connection with other people – for example when someone knocks on the door.

EB8: The wireless 360 degree camera from EZVIZ

At IFA, EZVIZ also introduced its EB8 wireless 360-degree camera. How important are surveillance cameras for your home?

Very important because the transition to the smart home channel is a long road. That’s why we started ten years ago to do our best to switch all users to simple solutions. Now that we are a leader in the market, we need to maintain our position and set and improve the standards.

data protection

How does EZVIZ deal with the issue of data protection?

Data security is embedded in EZVIZ’s DNA. We develop strict and reliable mechanisms to ensure that users are the sole owners of their data. These mechanisms include industry-leading encryption protocols, multi-factor authentication, internal regular security audits, and much more.

We also work with external certification bodies and experts to ensure that EZVIZ’s day-to-day security operations always run properly and in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations worldwide.

EZVIZ: solar modules and power stations

Portable solar modules and power stations are currently very trendy. How does EZVIZ approach this topic?

This is a new division for us, but energy is the focus at the moment. That’s why we’re trying to position ourselves in this area. Now we have two products at IFA 2023. A portable solar panel and power station. You can use it to charge smartphones, laptops and other devices – especially outdoors.

How is EZVIZ different from other providers on the market?

We started with smart home cameras ten years ago and tried to get them on the shelves. During this time we have reached the top level of the shelves. Now we have far more products, but one philosophy and one system.

How can EZVIZ enrich people’s lives?

Customers can feel our products. You receive quality products and a good system – without any problems. Everything has to be easy to use or be controlled by voice. The seamless systems we offer fit very well into everyday life.

What is your personal favorite product?

The intelligent entrance door because it is the first step towards security – for example in apartments. It is very easy to install and use. It’s also handy to know who’s at the door when you’re not at home.

Thank you for the interview!

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