o2 customers and anyone who wants to become one may have already noticed. The o2 Free tariffs are gone, the brand new o2 Mobile tariffs have arrived! We’ll explain what stays the same, what changes and how you can benefit from the new o2 Mobile tariffs.

Bye, o2 Free – hello, o2 Mobile!

o2 says goodbye to the o2 Free tariffs; since April 5th, these can be booked under the new name o2 Mobile, whereby you still have the choice between a normal and a boost variant. And that’s not the only thing that stays.

They also remain loyal to the o2 Grow advantage. With this permanently integrated tariff function, you benefit from the fact that your data volume grows by up to 10 GB every 12 months. Only with the Unlimited tariffs does o2 waive the Grow advantage. In addition, you can continue to rely on a flat rate for telephony and SMS, as well as on the previous handling of EU roaming.

o2 Mobile: All tariffs at a glance

For a better overview, we will show you all the new tariffs that are now available to you at o2 below.

o2 Free tariffs: This is new

Much remains the same, but in addition to the name, the content of the tariffs has also changed in some cases Рmuch to your delight. When looking at the new tariff overview, it is noticeable that the basic price in each o2 mobile tariff has been increased by 3 euros. Telefónica boss Markus Haas openly communicated the price adjustment at the beginning of the year. This is now made up for by the new performance.

But this means that you already have a higher data volume available in the o2 Mobile S tariff – instead of 3 GB, 4 GB are now included and thanks to the o2 Grow advantage, another GB is added every year.

In the future, surfing will be standard in the o2 Mobile tariffs in the 5G network with up to 300 megabits per second, where previously a maximum of 225 megabits per second was possible. Non-5G enabled smartphones connect directly at LTE speeds.

By the way, you will continue to save if you combine two o2 Mobile tariffs. You only pay half the price for the second tariff, which makes it worth equipping the entire family with o2 Mobile tariffs.

To the new tariffs of o2

Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2023/04/19/o2-mobile-tarife/

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