Apple has released a new update for the iPhone with iOS 17.1. The US company is now adding some functions that should already be included in iOS 17. The update also includes some minor improvements and bug fixes.

iOS 17.1 is the first feature update for iOS 17. Apple is fulfilling its promise and delivering some features that should actually have been included in the previous version. The new iPhone update also includes some minor improvements and bug fixes.

Apple releases new iPhone update

According to Apple, iOS 17.1 fixes an issue that caused the iPhone keyboard to respond slower than usual. In addition, caller ID and screen time synchronization should work better in the future.

Purchased or self-configured ringtones that had disappeared in the meantime would now appear again with the update. Apple has also improved the automatic detection of car accidents.

iOS 17.1: These are the new features

  • Airdrop: With iOS 17.1 it should now be possible to continue the data transfer via AirDrop over the Internet after starting – for example if the range for Airdrop is too great.
  • Music: With the update, Apple Music receives a new favorites function for individual songs, artists and playlists. The feature replaces the previous “Love” function. Apple also changed the design.
  • Standby: iPhone users will in future be able to decide when the display switches off in standby mode. If the lock screen shows (random) photos, you can also select an album for them.

Install iOS 17.1

iOS 17.1 has been available for free download since October 25, 2023. Apple traditionally recommends prompt installation. The new iPhone update is available for all models starting with the iPhone XS. The version can be changed via the device settings under “Generally” and “Software update“ can be downloaded.

With iPadOS 17.1, the US company has also presented a new update for the iPad. The new iPad software is available for all Pro models but the second generation, all iPads Air from the third generation and all iPads and iPad Minis from the fifth generation. Also: New updates for the Apple Watch and numerous Mac models.

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