Virtual reality opens up new worlds and has now arrived in many industries. However, in order to immerse yourself in virtual worlds, you need appropriate equipment. In our weekly ranking we show you the best VR glasses on the market.

Even though the topic of virtual reality has already arrived in society, not many people own VR glasses yet. There are now numerous models on the market. But what makes good VR glasses?

The best VR glasses in comparison

Already knew? In Germany, the gaming industry is considered the largest area of ​​application for virtual reality. Stiftung Warentest compared various devices in terms of VR quality, wearing comfort, handling, harmful substances and the protection of personal data. In the following ranking we present you the results and therefore the best VR glasses on the market.

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8th place: Pico Neo 3 Link (without PC)

The Pico Neo 3 VR glasses can be used without a computer for an average price of 450 euros. The rating from Stiftung Warentest comes to a verdict of 2,9. The freedom from pollutants and handling are what are most impressive.

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