Anyone who uses a GPS tracker can find lost items as well as lost pets. However, there is now an extensive range of devices with different properties. In our weekly ranking we present you the ten best GPS trackers.

If the dog runs away, the luggage is lost or the bicycle disappears, anger and despair are not far away. However, a GPS tracker can help. The small devices can be attached to pets' collars or valuables so that they can be found if they are lost.

The best GPS trackers in comparison

However, the market is now large: there are devices in different price ranges and with different features. Stiftung Warentest therefore tested nine GPS trackers and compared them with each other. Six of them are primarily for animals and three for objects such as bicycles etc.

The respective quality assessment of the devices ranges from the grade “Good” to “Sufficient”. The consumer organization also examined AirTags. However, they do not determine their position via GPS, but via Bluetooth. Below we will show you the best GPS trackers in comparison.

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Platz 9: Copenhagen Trackers Cobblestone

The Copenhagen Trackers from Cobblestone come in ninth place in the ranking of the best GPS trackers. They achieved this in the test Quality rating 3.9. The location only received a rating of “sufficient” or a grade of 4.3.

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