Motorists will soon have to reckon with rising fuel prices again. Because: The so-called tank discount expires at the end of August 2022. However, there are some apps that can help to fill up cheaply. We present: The five best fuel price apps.

In view of the rising energy prices, a reduced energy tax on fuels has been in effect since June 1, 2022. The measure is intended to keep fuel prices in check. But the success of the energy tax reduction is debatable. In addition, drivers will soon have to reckon with rising fuel prices again, because the so-called tank discount will expire at the end of August 2022.

Fill up cheaply: the five best fuel price apps

But even if prices are likely to rise overall in September, there are always price fluctuations – even daily. A comparison can therefore be worthwhile. Numerous apps can in turn help to search for the cheapest gas stations.

The German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) has therefore tested and compared five fuel price apps. Above all, the utility and user-friendliness of the applications played a role in the analysis. The rating increases to up to 100 points, which in turn represent the best value.

5th place: refuel more

The “More-tanken” app (for Android) takes fifth place in the ranking. The DISQ determined for the application 68.3 points and the quality rating “satisfactory”.

The app only just missed a “good” overall result, but was able to convince with a good utility value. In addition to around 14,000 petrol stations in Germany, “tank up more” also includes a few petrol stations in Austria and Switzerland.

4th place: Clever refueling

The fourth place of the best fuel price apps goes with 69.7 points to the “Clever-tanken” application (for Android). The app also received the quality rating “satisfactory”. According to DISQ, the utility of the application is significantly higher than the user-friendliness.

3rd place: Gasoline price blitz

Third place in the ranking is for the “Gasoline price flash” app (for Android). With 72.3 points, it received the quality rating “good”. The application achieved good results in terms of both utility and user-friendliness. According to DISQ, the filter settings and the price trends stand out in a positive way.

2nd place: ADAC fuel prices

Second place for the best fuel price apps goes to the “ADAC Fuel Prices” application (for Android). With 74.1 points, the app also achieved the quality rating “good”. The application of the ADAC was particularly convincing with a good app design. ADAC members also receive information on current discount campaigns.

1st place: Tankenapp with petrol price trend

The test winner of the DISQ analysis is the application “Fuel app with petrol price trend”. With 75.2 points, the app also received the quality rating “good”. A special feature of the application is the so-called “Best Deal” recommendation, which also takes into account the route to the respective gas station when determining the price.

According to DISQ, an appealing design and intuitive menu navigation help when comparing prices so that users can refuel cheaply.

Conclusion: refuel cheaply with fuel price apps

Although no app received the quality rating “very good” in the DISQ analysis, none of the applications failed the test. All apps can therefore help to determine the cheapest gas stations in the area.

Daily and weekly price trends, which provide conclusions about the exact times, are particularly helpful in order to refuel particularly cheaply.

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