ChatGPT has taken over the internet in a storm. The AI ​​language model is considered one of the fastest-growing applications ever. The over 100 million users can now also install numerous extensions. We therefore present the five best and most helpful ChatGPT plugins.

ChatGPT has remained the talk of the town since its release. After the initial hype, data protection concerns are now increasing. Many employees also fear that they will lose their job due to artificial intelligence.

The five best and most helpful ChatGPT plugins

On the other hand, AI language models can also provide support at work and help boost your career. In addition to the classic chat function, there are now also numerous extensions for ChatGPT.

Like standard mode, they can help you complete tasks faster to save time and thus increase your own productivity. In the following overview we therefore present the – in our opinion – best and most helpful ChatGPT plugins.

1. Ask you PDF

With the ChatGPT plugin “Ask you PDF” you can “talk” to your PDF documents, so to speak. Because ChatGPT turns the files with the extension into their own chatbots.

After you have installed and activated the free plugin, you can, among other things, ask ChatGPT questions about the content of the selected document. An example: “Summarize the first chapter of the book in one paragraph.” You can find an explanation of how to install the extension here.

2. Prompt Perfect

So-called prompts are requests to ChatGPT. Depending on how well or poorly they were formulated, the language model spits out better or worse answers. The ChatGPT plugin “Prompt Perfect” is intended to help users formulate the “perfect” prompts.

After you have installed and activated the extension, you must first ask Prompt Perfect a question or request that you would like to address to ChatGPT. The plugin then rewrites the prompt and adds details so that the AI ​​spits out the best possible result.

3. Link Reader

The Link Reader extension lets you view the content of all types of links via ChatGPT – including websites, online PDFs, images, and more. The only thing you have to do is insert a link and ask the AI ​​for the corresponding content.

ChatGPT automatically connects to the “Link Reader” and spits out an answer to your query. The plugin can above all help to quickly summarize different content.

4. Image Editor

If you want to edit images, you don’t necessarily have to use Photoshop or another program. Because with the ChatGPT plugin “Image Editor” ChatGPT can take care of basic editing. For example, the extension can crop, rotate, resize, or reduce blurring of images. To use the tool, you need to paste the URL of an image and upload it.

5. Zapier

The ChatGPT plugin “Zapier” is intended to avoid or facilitate unnecessary workflows. The extension allows users to connect different applications and apps with each other. You can create so-called “Zaps” to execute certain commands via one or more applications at the same time.

According to the developers, the plugin can interact with over 5,000 work applications – such as Gmail, Slack and Outlook. You can use ChatGPT to write a message and send it via several services at the same time – without having to open each one individually.

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