In 2023, some technology trends are in the starting blocks. In our weekly ranking, we show you which ten technical developments you can expect this year.

Some technology trends of the past few years will continue in 2023 and penetrate more and more areas of life. But regardless of whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), VR glasses or the chip problem, the question arises as to which trends are of particular importance this year.

Technology trends in 2023

After a three-year break, the CES in Las Vegas, one of the largest technology trade fairs in the world, took place again this year. More than 3,000 exhibitors gave insights into their current developments. We’ll show you which technology trends are in focus this year.

1. Robots are becoming more human

The appearance and performance of robots will be even more human-oriented in 2023. In addition to robots for logistics or retail, Tesla is also planning to use them in the home, for example. In the future, simple tasks could therefore be performed by robot butlers.

1. Robots are becoming more human. ( / Possessed Photography)

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