Video conferences are now part of everyday life in many professions – especially in the home office. Many computers therefore have an integrated camera. But there are also external devices. In our weekly ranking, we show you the ten best webcams – according to Stiftung Warentest.

Being there is everything? But the optics also count. Laptops in particular now have an integrated camera, but the image quality is not always optimal. Anyone who owns a desktop PC with an external monitor is often dependent on a webcam when it comes to video calls.

The best webcams in comparison

The Stiftung Warentest therefore compared 34 devices in terms of image quality, microphone, power consumption and handling and identified the best webcams. In the following ranking we present you the results.

10th place: Hama C-600 Pro

This external webcam from Hama is available online for an average of 51 euros. The C-600 Pro has a high-resolution camera and can be used both through its stand and a clamp. The bottom line is an overall rating of 2,6 and tenth place in the ranking of the best webcams.

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