They are light, space-saving and have many functions: Tablet computers are very popular as a mix of PC and smartphone. In our weekly ranking, we therefore present the ten best tablets on the German market.

Tablets are similar to smartphones, but have a much larger display. Due to their compactness, they prove to be extremely practical both at home and on the go. For many, a tablet also serves as the perfect couch calculator. But which devices rank among the best tablets on the market?

The best tablets on the German market

In order to identify the best tablets on the German market, Stiftung Warentest compared 110 devices. The consumer organization examined criteria such as the functions, the display quality, the battery performance and handling as well as the versatility. On this basis, we present you the ten best tablets on the German market in the following ranking.

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10th place: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE (SM-T875)

The quality rating for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tablet is a value of 1,8. The battery and handling performed best in the test. The average online price here is 925 euros. Tenth place in the ranking of the best tablets on the German market.



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