When temperatures rise, it's often time to change your tires. For many, this means a new purchase. In our weekly ranking we show you the ten best summer tires in comparison.

From O to О, or: from October to Easter. This is the rule of thumb for switching from winter to summer tires. As soon as the tread wears out or after ten years at the latest, car owners should also buy new tires. But the offer is large. In addition to well-known manufacturers such as Continental, Michelin and Dunlop, there are also some recommended smaller brands.

The best summer tires in comparison

The ADAC therefore tested and compared 16 current summer tires for small SUVs and lower mid-range cars. The automobile club checked the various models for, among other things, their driving and safety characteristics as well as their environmental balance. In the following ranking we present the ten best summer tires in comparison.

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10th place: Falken Ziex ZE 310 EcoRun

The Ziex ZE 310 EcoRun model from Falken comes in tenth with the Overall grade 2.8. While the ADAC awarded a grade of 2.7 for driving safety, the environmental balance only received a 3.0.

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