Robotic lawn mowers can sometimes save you annoying gardening work. But if you want to have your lawn mowed by a machine, you should take a look at the functionality and quality of the device. In our ranking we show you the ten best robotic lawnmowers in comparison.

Similar to robot vacuum cleaners, robotic lawnmowers can also relieve many people of annoying work. Because many models manage to mow small lawns without any problems. However, as soon as it becomes uneven, when plants get in the way or narrow spaces restrict the path, many robotic lawnmowers reach their limits.

The best robotic lawnmowers in comparison

Stiftung Warentest therefore took a closer look at 16 robot lawn mowers. She examined individual models for their cutting results on wet and dry lawns and how they function on obstacles and slopes. The consumer organization also assessed the operation of the devices and how easy it is to clean them. The safety of the devices was also taken into account in the test results. In the following ranking we show you the ten best robotic lawnmowers in comparison.

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10th place: Worx Landroid M700 Plus WR167E

Tenth place in the ranking of the best robotic lawnmowers goes to the Worx Landroid M700 Plus WR167E with the Overall grade 3.5. Overall, the model mows large areas, damp lawns and steep slopes. However, the device sometimes gets stuck when there is an abrupt transition from level to steep. In addition, after pressing the stop button in the charging station, it restarts according to the schedule, which is considered a safety defect.

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