For many, summer also marks the start of the motorcycle season. Helmets in particular become real lifesavers during this time, as they can protect against serious or fatal injuries in the event of an accident. In our weekly ranking, we therefore present you with the ten best motorcycle helmets.

Many people feel a sense of freedom when they ride a motorcycle. But if you really want to enjoy the ride, you also need good equipment – including the right helmet.

However, motorcycle helmets are not just accessories. They protect the head and brain from serious or even fatal injuries. If an accident occurs, they can be real lifesavers. Choosing suitable and good head protection is therefore particularly important.

The best motorcycle helmets – according to ADAC

In addition to safety, the ideal helmet also meets other important aspects. These include comfort, aerodynamics, acoustics and ventilation. Weight also plays a role. The ADAC published a report in cooperation with the trade magazine Motorrad recently the results of a current helmet test.

The consumer organization tested twelve flip-up helmets where the fixed chin section can be folded up. The individual models were tested according to the new, more practical regulation ECE-R 22.06. In the following ranking we show you the ten best motorcycle helmets among the flip-up helmets.

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10th place: MTR K-4 Evo

Tenth place in the ranking of the best motorcycle helmets goes to the MTR K-4 Evo. In the test, the helmet achieved 71 out of 100 possible points. However, it was not particularly convincing in terms of fit. Nevertheless, it delivers good to very good shock absorption values ​​for the comparatively low price. Price (as of June 3, 2024): from 99.00 euros.

10th place: MTR K-4 Evo. (Photo: © Tyson Jopson/MOTORRAD)

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