What are the best electric cars currently? The ADAC has also asked itself this question and therefore regularly tests numerous models from different vehicle classes. IIn our weekly ranking we show you the best electric cars from the small car category.

More and more car manufacturers are concentrating on the development of electric cars. Many Chinese brands also want to establish themselves on the German market – which could be successful, as ADAC tests show. Electric cars are now available in almost all vehicle classes and in different quality levels.

Small cars: The best electric cars according to ADAC

The ADAC therefore regularly tests numerous models. The vehicles are checked, for example, for their driving characteristics, fuel consumption, design, safety and environmental compatibility. The price-performance ratio also plays a role. In the following ranking we show you the best electric cars in the small car category.

10th place: Fiat 500e Cabrio (42 kWh) Icon

The Fiat 500e comes in tenth place in the ranking of the best electric cars among small cars as a convertible with a 42-kilowatt battery and Icon equipment. He received that Test scores 2.5. In terms of price-performance it achieves a grade of 2.1. According to ADAC, general vehicle operation is clear and largely intuitive. With a consumption of around 13.6 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, it is particularly suitable for urban areas.

10th place: Fiat 500e Cabrio (42 kWh) Icon. (Photo: © ADAC)

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Source: https://www.basicthinking.de/blog/2024/03/31/kleinwagen-die-besten-elektroautos/

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