Does your laptop or desktop PC not have enough ports for external devices? Then a docking station can be helpful. In our weekly ranking we show you the ten best docking stations currently in comparison.

A docking station allows you to connect a computer to external devices such as a monitor or external hard drive. But with the multitude of models, you can quickly lose track.

The best docking stations in comparison

Stiftung Warentest therefore compared 13 models and determined the best docking stations. The consumer organization took data transfer during the charging process, handling, environmental properties and safety of the devices into account. In the following ranking we present you the results and thus the ten best docking stations in comparison.

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Platz 10: Lindy DST-Pro 5K XT, USB C

Tenth place goes to the Lindy DST-Pro docking station with a rating of 3,6. The station offers various connections and 4K. On average it costs 145 euros online.

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