Cordless vacuum cleaners have become an integral part of many households. And rightly so: the handy devices can now keep up with classic vacuum cleaners. In our ranking we show you the ten best cordless vacuum cleaners on the German market.

No tangled cables, space-saving storage and easy cleaning: cordless vacuum cleaners have become very popular and are now an integral part of many households. They are also impressive when compared to classic canister vacuum cleaners. According to current tests, many models also impress with top cleaning results.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners – according to Stiftung Warentest

Stiftung Warentest continually checks current cordless and canister vacuum cleaners. A total of 136 devices are currently being tested – including models from Bosch, Dyson, Miele and Vorwerk.

For example, the consumer organization determines how well the devices clean carpets, hard floors and upholstery, how loud they are and how much electricity they use.

The battery life and environmental friendliness are also tested. With this in mind, in the following ranking we will show you the ten best cordless vacuum cleaners currently available.

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Platz 10: AEG AP81A25ULT

Tenth place in the ranking of the best cordless vacuum cleaners goes to the AEG AP81A25ULT. He received this in the test Overall grade 2.7. Stiftung Warentest rated the device as very good in terms of durability and harmful substances. The suction power and environmental properties, however, are not convincing and only achieved a “satisfactory” rating.

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