Camping is very popular in Germany. Many people therefore buy a motorhome or camper for their summer vacation. However, many models differ in size and equipment. In our weekly ranking we present you the ten best campervans – according to ADAC.

Whether for a road trip, a camping holiday or as temporary accommodation: traveling with a camping vehicle is on trend. As early as 2022, around 12.7 million people from Germany stated that they favored camping holidays as a vacation trip.

Many car manufacturers therefore offer buses and vans. In order to check the quality and equipment of the five to six meter long vehicles, the ADAC took a closer look at ten models in a series of tests.

The best campervans according to ADAC

The automobile club was not only focusing on camping equipment, but also on suitability for everyday use. For many people, the deciding factor when making a purchase is whether they can use their campervan as a family car, for example.

The workmanship, driving behavior, safety equipment and exhaust emissions are just as much evaluation criteria as the camper-specific features. These include sleeping options, kitchen, bathroom and furniture construction. In the following ranking we show you the ten best camper vans according to ADAC.

10th place: Vantourer 600L

The Vantourer 600L is in tenth place in the ranking of the best campervans. The ADAC awarded the Overall grade 2.5The model is based on the Fiat Ducato. The van offers a lot of space for a tour with two people. It has a very good sleeping area in the rear and a space-saving fresh water tank. The only points deducted were for fuel consumption and the dinette.

10th place: Vantourer 600L. (Photo: ©ADAC)

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