On September 22nd, Apple started sales of its iPhone 15 series. But shortly after the first devices went over the counter, complaints about overheated devices began to increase. Apple explained now that the problem is not with the smartphone itself, but with certain apps and faulty software.

Since the first smartphones in the iPhone 15 series hit the shelves, user complaints have been increasing that the devices were overheating. However, this can happen, especially with new devices, if, for example, updates are running in the background or the cloud is updating.

Smartphones can also generally get a little warmer when you use applications that require a lot of computing power. However, the devices in the iPhone 15 series apparently received an unusually high number of complaints compared to previous models.

Why does iPhone 15 overheat?

Manufacturer Apple has now commented on the reports for the first time. According to a statement to the US news channel CNBC The company let it be known that the problem was not with the devices themselves.

Rather, the iOS 17 operating system contributes to overheating. The same applies to certain third-party apps. Apple said: “We are working with these app developers on fixes that are currently being rolled out.”

According to a report by the AP news agency, Instagram is one of the apps that causes the iPhone 15 to overheat. However, the Meta subsidiary has already reacted and released a corresponding update that should fix the problems.

Updates are intended to fix problems with hot iPhones

But apps like Uber and the video game “Asphalt 9” would also cause devices in the iPhone 15 series to become too hot. According to Apple, unlike Instagram, the providers are still in the process of developing appropriate update solutions.

The iPhone company has not yet given a date for fixing the problem with its in-house software iOS 17. According to Apple, however, there are no security concerns that should prevent iPhone users from using their smartphones while they wait for an update.

The complaints about iPhones getting too hot had previously caused speculation that the new titanium housing or the new processor chip were to blame. However, Apple assured that the titanium frame ensures better heat dissipation. The processor should not be slowed down with the upcoming update.

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