Back pain has become a widespread disease. Frequently looking down at your smartphone, tablet or laptop in particular can cause poor posture and pain. But with these three tips you can get rid of your cell phone neck again.

Back pain is one of the most common illnesses in our society. More than 30 percent of Germans suffer from it, as a study by the AOK shows. In recent years this number has remained almost the same.

One of the reasons for this is technical devices in everyday life. Because we often look down too much to type on our cell phone, tablet or notebook.

But what can you do if you are struggling with neck pain and posture problems? We have three tips to help you get rid of the neck of your cell phone.

How is the cell phone neck created?

Our heads are not designed to constantly look downwards. However, if we are engrossed in scrolling on our smartphone, that is exactly what happens.

But the more we tilt our head forward, the more the weight of the head increases. It can quickly increase from an average of six kilograms to up to 25 kilograms.

Our neck muscles then have to support all of this additionally. But she quickly defends herself with tension and pain – the so-called cell phone neck.

This is how you can improve your posture again

However, the one-sided forward load does not only cause the neck of the cell phone. This can also shorten the chest and abdominal muscles. A hunched back can be the result.

If you want to escape this spiral of one-sided stress, you can counteract it with the following three tips. The most important thing is your behavior in everyday life.

You should check this once. You can easily counteract this – because the further down your smartphone is when scrolling, for example, the greater the weight on your head.

Of course, this applies to all the screens you look at during the day. Adjust this so that your head is in a neutral position while working. Above all, this also means that your chin is not over-extended forward, but rather that you have a slight double chin – so your spine is optimally aligned.

With stretching and strengthening against the cell phone neck

You can also counteract your tension and neck pain with simple exercises. These often require little or no aid, which is why they are also suitable for a short break at work.

Here you should firstly stretch your muscles. This means you can not only address the areas that are shortened due to poor posture. You can also loosen your tense muscles and regain more mobility.

Simple exercises for this include shoulder circles or stretching your neck. Make sure to do the exercises slowly and use your entire range of motion.

Tip number three relates to strengthening your muscles. However, it is important not to just train your back.

Because every muscle also has an opponent that also wants to be trained. That's why you should always make sure to train the front and back of your body.

If strength training isn't right for you at this point, you can also strengthen and stretch your body with yoga or Pilates, for example.

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