The uncertain economic situation does not stop at any industry – not even at the tech companies. Whether it’s Twitter, Uber or Groupon: In our weekly ranking, we show you which companies have laid off the most employees.

The tech industry has long been considered a safe job market for many, but doubts should have been raised at the latest since the large wave of layoffs on Twitter. The short message service is not the only company that has laid off a large number of employees.

In these tech companies, most of the employees have been laid off

Tech companies employ thousands of people around the world. If there is a threat of layoffs, many employees are often affected at the same time. The platform shows which companies have laid off the most people since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Overall, the number of fired employees is accordingly 104,791. In our weekly ranking, we show you the number of layoffs in detail.

A notice: This post was first published on November 9, 2022 and was updated following Meta’s layoff announcement.

Platz 10: Byju’s

Tenth place among the companies with the most layoffs since the outbreak of the pandemic goes to Byju’s. Indian education technology company laid off altogether in 2022 2.500 Employee. In comparison to the entire workforce, this corresponds to a share of five percent.

Platz 9: Byju’s. (Screenshot / Website)

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