Many people in Germany find it important to save electricity. Some people don't realize how much energy some electronic devices actually use. In our ranking, we show you the ten household appliances that are considered the biggest energy guzzlers.

Saving electricity is important to many people in this country. According to statistics, last year there were around 28.97 million people among the German-speaking population aged 14 and over who considered themselves to be energy savers. Some consumers are not even aware of which household appliances are actually the biggest energy guzzlers.

These household appliances are the biggest energy guzzlers

The municipal energy supply company Entega, among others, explains this. In a blog post, the AG summarized how household appliances affect the energy balance. The result: They often contribute to a third of the total electricity costs. And this regardless of whether it is a single household or a large family. In the following ranking we will show you the ten biggest power guzzlers among household appliances.

1. Small electrical appliances

Whether electric toothbrushes, handheld vacuum cleaners or coffee machines: small electrical appliances consume a lot of electricity. They are for about 16 percent responsible for the electricity consumption in a household.

1. Small electrical appliances. (Photo: Adobe Stock/martina87)

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