The Nothing Ear (2) are the latest wireless in-ear headphones from Nothing, featuring a partially transparent design. Before the market launch, we were able to take a look at the successor to the Ear (1) and summarized the most important information.

With the Ear (1), the tech startup Nothing from London launched its first product on the market in 2021. The company, led by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has since presented its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1) and the Nothing Ear (Stick).

With the Nothing Ear (2), the first product of the second generation is now appearing, which should bring some improvements. We were able to take a look at the in-ear headphones before the official market launch.

Nothing Ear (2): Familiar design with a refreshed sound

Externally, the Ear (1) and the Ear (2) hardly differ. We also have a semi-transparent rod that has microphones and a control knob. The wand is further connected to an egg-shaped eartip. At the market launch, the headphones are initially only available in white.

Two chambers are now installed in the earplugs, which should better distribute the sound from the 11.6 millimeter driver. Technically, in addition to the AAC and SBC codec, LHDC 5.0 is now also supported, which ensures a better sound with some smartphones (mainly Xiaomi, OPPO/OnePlus and Nothing). Transmission standard: Bluetooth 5.3.

The Nothing Ear (1) on the left, the new Ear (2) on the right. Image: BASIC thinking.

The case has become smaller, lighter and more scratch-resistant. You can already feel that in the first hands-on. The plastic on the top in particular looks much firmer. The mechanism could close a little better though.

Nothing Ear (2): New features, higher price

The Ear (2) not only installed new hardware, but also received some software. It is now possible to use the headphones via “dual connection“ to connect to laptop and smartphone at the same time. An individual sound profile or personal ANC profile can also be created in the app.

Three microphones pick up sounds from the environment and determine how much the ANC is regulated. This also saves the battery, which according to the manufacturer should last longer than the predecessor despite the smaller cell.

36 hours including the charging cradle, according to Nothing, the battery can last for six hours without interruption. After ten minutes of charging, the battery should last eight more hours. The headphones are protected against dust and water with IP54, the case with IP55.

Nothing ear (2) Hands On

The Nothing Ear (2) look only slightly different from the Ear (1). Image: BASIC thinking

The Nothing Ear (2) will be available from March 22nd at Nothing, from the 23rd at Deutsche Telekom and from the 28th at all major retailers (Amazon, MediaMarkt/Saturn) for 149 euros. We have already tested the headphones and a detailed report will be published shortly.

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