If you have to manage large amounts of images in your everyday work life, it costs time and sometimes nerves. That's why picdrop ​​is so useful and easy to use that you'll never want to work without it again. In this article, we'll tell you all about our picdrop ​​experiences and show you how the image and video tool performs in everyday life.

What is picdrop ​​and how does it work?

picdrop ​​allows you to upload images and videos and manage them clearly. Smart galleries help you navigate and you can create an extensive archive at the same time. Here you can find all your photos, videos, customers and look up individual orders.

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You decide whether you share images or galleries with customers or your team. You also decide individually about the individual permissions. The work and especially the collaboration is easy thanks to the ease of use and this effortless exchange. The time savings are immense, especially when you have to consult with customers or coordinate changes with the team.

Receive pictures with picdrop

picdrop ​​is as powerful as it is simple. Picdrop ​​can do much more than “just” manage images. With picdrop ​​you can also accept uploads if required. Picdrop ​​even lets you choose how you want to proceed.

The first option is to create a new gallery or open an existing gallery. You then use the “voting mode” function to activate the customer upload and share the gallery link with the desired person. They then upload all the files provided and send them to you.

A second option is the team member function in the business plan. This is particularly beneficial for (larger) teams, as members can then independently create new folders and galleries and also delete files, depending on their settings. The function may be suitable for direct communication with customers, but it is unlikely to really make sense in most situations.

picdrop: It’s never been easier to create a press folder

Picdrop ​​is also ideal for dealing with the press and/or bloggers, influencers, photographers, etc. To do this, you use picdrop ​​to create a gallery, either with or without subfolders. Name these subfolders as required and store your images accordingly.

To ensure that only press representatives have access, you can provide your press folders with a password if desired. Alternatively, you can make the press folders freely available so that press representatives, bloggers, etc. can use the images whenever they want.

Conclusion of our picdrop ​​experiences

Thanks to its intuitive interface and functions, picdrop ​​only requires a short training period. The tool is therefore quick and easy to use and minimizes the amount of work and time required. The clever photo and video tool simplifies workflows immensely.

Despite its simplicity, picdrop ​​offers a variety of functions that make it a powerful ally in everyday professional life. Many people will particularly appreciate the numerous options for customizing PicDrop and individual processes.

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