The time for annual reviews has arrived and Apple, like every year, cannot miss a summary. The iPhone company has published the ranking of the most popular apps from the App Store in 2023.

As every year, Apple has announced the annual charts of the most popular apps and games for 2023. According to the company, the highlights come from more than 35 countries and regions.

Every year, Apple divides the most popular apps from the App Store into different categories. These include, among other things, free and paid apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Newcomer tops annual App Store charts on iPhone

When it comes to free apps for the iPhone, the new shopping app Temu took the lead this year. The platform, which was only founded in 2022 with the addition “Shop like billionaires”, has conquered the annual charts for the iPhone.

But despite its success, the Chinese app is extremely controversial. The consumer advice center had already warned against the platform in August because of “low product quality and safety”.

There are no surprises behind Temu in the ranking of free apps with Google, WhatsApp, Google Maps and Instagram. The video editor CapCut comes in sixth place, ahead of TikTok, PayPal, YouTube and Spotify.

However, the Corona apps have said goodbye to the top 10. In 2022, Covpass and Corona-Warn-App topped the annual charts, but they will no longer be found here in 2023.

Hardly any change in payment apps

However, little has changed on the podium places for paid apps for the iPhone. As was the case last year, this is also demonstrated by the app Pro, the messenger Threema and the baby app “Oh dear, I'm growing!”.

The Atlas of Human Anatomy 2024 has been added in seventh place. This app is even in third place among paid apps for the iPad.

App Store on the iPad is used differently

If you look at the annual charts of apps on the iPad, the differences in the use of iPhone and iPad become clear. When it comes to free apps on the iPad, streaming services are almost exclusively in the top 10.

Apart from first place with Goodnotes 6 – followed by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and YouTube. In addition to streaming, the iPad is also often used for work. The Microsoft apps Word, PowerPoint, Teams and Office 365 follow in positions six, seven, ninth and ten.

When it comes to purchased apps on the iPad, the graphics app Procreate and AnkiMobile Flashcards are the top apps. This is followed by the Atlas of Human Anatomy 2024 in third place and MyScript Calculator and Book Creator for iPad in fourth and fifth place.

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