The Bavarian company Eco Stor is currently planning the largest battery storage facility in Europe in Saxony-Anhalt. The system should be able to supply more than 30,000 households with energy.

Germany wants to switch almost entirely to renewable energies by 2030. This goal seems quite ambitious – also due to the current crises. In order for this to succeed, a rethinking of the storage of excess capacities is also required. Because the energy from the sun or from wind turbines is not always available at the same time.

Therefore, many companies are now working on solutions for storing heat and electricity. The Bavarian company Eco Stor is now even planning the largest energy storage system in Europe. The system is planned for the district of Förderstedt in Stassfurt (Saxony-Anhalt).

Saxony-Anhalt could supply thousands of households with electricity with battery storage

Eco Stor is currently planning to put the energy storage system into operation by 2025. The system will then store up to 600 megawatt hours of energy. That is enough to supply up to 31,250 households with electricity for 24 hours. Germany would also have the largest battery storage facility in Europe.

So far, Tesla has operated the largest system on the European continent in England. The storage of the electric car manufacturer has a capacity of up to 196 megawatt hours. Before the mega-project in Förderstedt goes online, Eco Stor will outperform Tesla’s infrastructure this year.

Investments of several hundred million euros

The company will put a storage facility with a capacity of 207 megawatt hours into operation in Schleswig-Holstein in 2023. Eco Stor parent company A Energie is investing several hundred million euros in the infrastructure. This development is likely to increase further in the coming years.

According to Eco Stor, while such energy storage devices cannot help reduce electricity prices, they can help with supply and demand planning. Until the opening in 2025, however, it will be seen whether the project will still be the largest in Europe.

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