Looking for an e-bike that is just as suitable for the city as it is for rough terrain? There is no way around the Himiway Zebra. With a new name, it more than lives up to its existence as an all-terrain bicycle with an electric drive. We took a look at what the bike can do under the new name D5.

The manufacturer called Himiway Zebra what you will now find under the name Himiway D5. With the D in the name, Himiway identifies its all-terrain series, with the 5 you do justice to the fact that this bike is already available in the 5th generation. But what can the Himiway D5 e-bike do, which combines elements of a mountain bike with those of a city bike?

The Himiway D5: A true all-rounder

The fact that Himiway is trying to cover as many terrains as possible with the D5 suggests that the bike is a true all-rounder. Anyone who does mountain biking extensively will probably not be happy with the Himiway in the long term, but the bike is definitely suitable for beginners and occasional riding, even on steeper terrain.

The Himiway Zebra D5 E-Bike Test (Build: Himiway)

In any case, the e-bike described by the manufacturer as being suitable for off-road use is not just suitable for riding in the city or on the well-developed cycle path. It also reliably meets the challenges that impassable terrain brings with it. It hardly matters whether it is stony or grassy ground or some puddles.

The Himiway D5 also presents itself as an all-rounder in terms of size. Anyone who buys a Himiway D5 can be between 160 cm and 195 cm tall. The Step-Thru version is even suitable for people taller than 155 cm.

Strong battery, robustly built – made for everyday use

The Himiway, with its high-quality 6061 aluminum chassis, is designed to faithfully accompany you through everyday life over the long term. The wide wheel fork and wide tires provide the necessary stability for the terrain and give you safety in traffic.

Himiway Zebra

The Growth of the Himiway Zebra D5 E-Bike (Image: Himiway)

The state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery delivers 80 percent performance even after 1,000 charges and lasts up to 128 km on a single charge. This is powered by a 250 watt brushless gear hub motor. If you want to pedal yourself, there is a 7-speed derailleur gear from Shimano available.

Conclusion on the Himiway D5

The former Himiway Zebra, even in its updated Himiway D5 form, proves to be a real powerhouse for anyone who wants more than just getting to work comfortably by bike. With its robust frame and wide tires, it fits perfectly into the all-terrain series and is also made for road traffic thanks to the 48V LED front light and strong rear light. And if you like to add a little color, the Himiway D5 is also a good choice. It is available in Pale Green, Ocean Blue, Vibrant Yellow and Skyline.

Now convince yourself

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