Anyone who drinks wine regularly has certainly felt annoyed when cleaning their glasses. Either you don’t even get into the glass with the drying cloth or unsightly stripes remain. This is exactly what Brilamo, the glass polishing stick, is supposed to solve. We tested the product from “The Lion’s Den”.

First, let’s look at why cleaning wine glasses can be problematic.

  • Sensitivity: Wine glasses are usually very delicate and can easily be broken or scratched. Therefore, you should be particularly careful when cleaning.
  • Form: The shape of wine glasses can make cleaning difficult. Long, slender stems and narrow openings make it difficult to get into all areas of the glass and remove dirt without leaving a residue.
  • residues: If wine glasses still have residues of wine or cleaning agents after cleaning, they often affect the aroma and taste of the wine.
  • water hardness: Hard water often causes wine glasses to become stained or cloudy.
  • Use of cleaning agents: Some detergents can damage the glass or leave residue that affects the taste of the wine.

In summary, when cleaning wine glasses, there are different challenges that require gentle handling to preserve the appearance and taste of the wine.

Brilamo test: The glass polishing rod with a microfibre polishing cloth

The founder of Brilamo is Linda Koller, who invented the glass polishing stick in 2020. She herself has recognized the problem of the time-consuming drying and polishing of high-quality glasses. Polishing the inner surfaces of the glass in particular is one of the greatest difficulties. She asked herself the question: How do you get into the narrow glass opening and avoid direct contact with the hand on the glass? Her answer is Brilamo.

Does Brilamo really work that simply and easily? We tested the glass polishing rod with a microfiber polishing cloth from “The Lion’s Den”.

Scope of delivery and processing

The scope of delivery includes the polishing rod and a microfibre polishing cloth. At first glance, both are of very high quality. The lower part of the buffing rod is the holder that you hold the buffing rod on when using it. The lower part is flexible and can adapt to the different shapes of your glasses.

The microfibre polishing cloth has a size of 72 x 50 cm. The cloth is very soft and high quality. The high quality ensures that glasses can be polished quickly and easily.

Functionality of the Brilamo

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you should grab the still wet glass with the polishing cloth at the lower end of the goblet and place the remaining polishing cloth on the glass opening. Then you insert the polishing stick into the glass opening. Then apply gentle pressure to the handle of the buffing rod to open the flaps and conform to the glass. With short, rotating movements you then clean the glass from the inside and then the outside with the polishing cloth.

This also worked in our test, but with many of our glasses we didn’t get completely to the underside and had to clean the glass again without the rod. However, the polishing cloth is of high quality and is better than all previous polishing cloths that we have tested.

The Brilamo in the test

The Brilamo can not only be used in wine glasses, but also easily in beer glasses or other large drinking glasses. The polishing rod is also dishwasher-safe.

Price from the Brilamo

The price of the Brilamo with the polishing stick and the polishing cloth is 19.99 euros. Since you can use both the stick and the cloth over and over again and they are easy to clean, the price is worth it over the years and is particularly worthwhile for wine lovers.

Brilamo in “The Lion’s Den”: This is how the glass polishing rod performs

The founder of Brilamo can be seen in the current season of “The Lion’s Den” and introduces the lions to the glass polishing stick and polishing cloth. You can see how the founder is doing and whether there will be a deal on April 24, 2023.

Conclusion: Fast cleaning of wine glasses

With the Brilamo, a variety of wine glasses and other drinking glasses can be cleaned quickly and easily. Even though we often had to manually clean the underside of the glasses during our test, the glass polishing stick is a good alternative when glasses need to be cleaned quickly.

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