Black Friday 2023 is just around the corner! Over several days this year you will once again have the opportunity to buy new household helpers cheaply. In this article we'll tell you how you can save with the best Black Friday offers from Eureka and put your feet up more often at the end of the year.

With the Eureka E10 vacuum-dust robot you can sit back comfortably, devote yourself to your Christmas baking or work out your plans for the coming year. This little helper saves you a lot of work and costs significantly less on Black Friday this year. Other products from Eureka are also great prices. Let's take a closer look at them.

The Eureka E10 vacuum cleaner robot

From November 17th to 27th you have the opportunity to bring the Eureka E10 home at a bargain price. You get a 99 euro coupon with which you can reduce the price of the Eureka E10 from 479 euros to 380 euros.

The Eureka E10 recently impressed at the IFA 2023, among others. The robot vacuum cleaner with a suction power of up to 4,000 pa has a LIDAR and PSD system that helps it find its way around your home.

Aside from keeping your home sparkling clean, the Eureka E10 requires little attention to do its job. Once it has finished its cleaning round, it empties itself at its charging station, which has a bagless dust container that you only have to empty about once a month.

Not only is not using dust bags sustainable and therefore extremely environmentally friendly, it also saves you ongoing costs that would otherwise be incurred when purchasing bags.

The AK10 and the AK10 Pro

Instead of a vacuum robot, are you looking for a stick vacuum cleaner? Eureka is also launching two models at reduced prices during the Black Friday period. Pet owners will enjoy the AK10, which combats pet hair with a range of accessories. Instead of 229 euros, you can get this from November 17th to 27th for 179.99 euros.

The AK10 Pro was also reduced from 259 to 219.99 euros during this period. This stick vacuum cleaner doesn't have to hide behind the AK10 PET. It comes with an extension hose, while there is no attachment for small cracks.

Eureka-Coupons zum Black Friday

Find another product you like on the Eureka website? From November 17th to December 10th you have the opportunity to redeem 5 and 10 euro coupons. You can get this by subscribing to the Eureka newsletter and with a purchase price of just 5.01 euros you can use the 5 euro coupon. The 10 euro coupon is available to you for purchases of 100 euros or more, but the coupons cannot be redeemed together.

Save now at Eureka!


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